Ryder Cup 2010

Hey boys!  Here are the pairings for the 2010 Ryder Cup at RGCC (RGCC handicap in parenthesis).

Team BP:  Brock Peterson (9), Manny Lopez (9), Gabe Holmes (18), Steve Knaup (36), Tom Lunde (4), Erik Harkins (20), Thomas Coenen (11), Ken Coenen (20), Joe Thorvig (4), Tate Leferink (7), Kory Kyllo (23), Eric Johnsen (15), Derek Kuehl (16), Jeremy Seldon (16).

Team Hoss:  Scott Hoss (11), Gary Miller (11), Jeff Moat (13), Bill Nystrom (12), Tom Mason (14), Jon Weber (7), Karl Dexheimer (18), Jason K (23), Mark Benson (23), Doug Thielen (20), EJ McNulty (36), Shayn Carlson (17), Ray Peterson (0), Todd Hanson (12).

Friday Morning Best Ball Matches
9:00 Erik Harkins/Tom Lunde vs Todd Hanson/Gary Miller
9:10 Manny Lopez/Jeremy Seldon vs Doug Thielen/Ej McNulty
9:20 Ken Coenen/Joe Thorvig vs Mark Benson/Shayn Carlson
9:30 Tate Leferink/Kory Kyllo vs Bill Nystrom/Ray Peterson
9:40 Brock Peterson/Eric Johnsen vs Scott Hoss/Karl Dexheimer
9:50 Gabe Holmes/Derek Kuehl vs Tom Mason/Jason K
10:00 Thomas Coenen/Steve Knaup vs Jeff Moat/Jon Weber
Friday Afternoon Singles Matches
2:00 Manny Lopez vs Todd Hanson and Tom Lunde vs Ray Peterson
2:10 Erik Harkins vs Shayn Carlson and Ken Coenen vs Ej McNulty
2:20 Steve Knaup vs Mark Benson and Joe Thorvig vs Gary Miller
2:30 Brock Peterson vs Jon Weber and Kory Kyllo vs Doug Thielen
2:40 Tate Leferink vs Tom Mason and Eric Johnsen vs Bill Nystrom
2:50 Derek Kuehl vs Karl Dexheimer and Jeremy Seldon vs Jason K
3:00 Thomas Coenen vs Scott Hoss and Gabe Holmes vs Jeff Moat
Saturday Morning Best Ball Matches
9:00 Brock Peterson/Erik Harkins vs Tom Mason/Jon Weber
9:10 Eric Johnsen/Derek Kuehl vs Ray Peterson/Bill Nystrom
9:20 Joe Thorvig/Jeremy Seldon vs Doug Thielen/Jeff Moat
9:30 Manny Lopez/Ken Coenen vs Jason K/Scott Hoss
9:40 Tate Leferink/Gabe Holmes vs Mark Benson/Karl Dexheimer
9:50 Tom Lunde/Steve Knaup vs Ej McNulty/Todd Hanson
10:00 Thomas Coenen/Kory Kyllo vs Gary Miller/Shayn Carlson
Saturday Afternoon Singles Matches
2:00 Joe Thorvig vs Ray Peterson and Derek Kuehl vs Doug Thielen
2:10 Erik Harkins vs Mark Benson and Eric Johnsen vs Jason K
2:20 Brock Peterson vs Todd Hanson and Tate Leferink vs Jon Weber
2:30 Jeremy Seldon vs Jeff Moat and Gabe Holmes vs Tom Mason
2:40 Tom Lunde vs Scott Hoss and Kory Kyllo vs Shayn Carlson
2:50 Ken Coenen vs Bill Nystrom and Steve Knaup vs Ej McNulty
3:00 Manny Lopez vs Karl Dexheimer and Thomas Coenen vs Gary Miller

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Well...of course Arleen isn't my real name, but it doesn't matter. I am a 33 year old working in the IT industry for the largest IT firm out there. My background includes primarily UNIX, Tivoli, and SANs. I have degrees in mathematics and applied mathematics from Gustavus Adolphus College and Iowa State University respectively. Curious to see what this blogging environment has to offer and what I may offer it. Let's go. This blog will just be an on-line environment for anything: music, books, rants, sports, politics, news, you name it. Looking forward to it.
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3 Responses to Ryder Cup 2010

  1. arleen says:

    a couple minor adjustments have been made!

  2. EJ says:

    36 hmmmmmm. Should I laugh or cry? Looking forward to the 2:50 draw on Saturday – Heads up with my equally handicapped brother.

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