2010 FIFA World Cup

I decided to give a world cup match a chance this afternoon, but turned it off after about 20 miuntes.  In that time two guys went to the ground with what appeared to be broken ankles after being “tackled”, but miraculously popped up after a yellow card appeared.  They then kept playing as if they had fooled the referee.  I don’t get it this “sport”.  And these god damn horns haven’t stopped…

About arleen

Well...of course Arleen isn't my real name, but it doesn't matter. I am a 33 year old working in the IT industry for the largest IT firm out there. My background includes primarily UNIX, Tivoli, and SANs. I have degrees in mathematics and applied mathematics from Gustavus Adolphus College and Iowa State University respectively. Curious to see what this blogging environment has to offer and what I may offer it. Let's go. This blog will just be an on-line environment for anything: music, books, rants, sports, politics, news, you name it. Looking forward to it.
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One Response to 2010 FIFA World Cup

  1. ej says:

    if one more soccer d-bag tells me, “you just dont get it” i’m gonna puke

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