The NFL so far in 2010…

Here are a few observations from week one in the NFL:

1.  The Jets aren’t that good.  Yes, their defense is solid, but their offense is weak.  Sanchez was an average quarterback at USC and a below average quarterback in the NFL.  He looks for Braylon Edwards on the majority of passes and Edwards isn’t even a top 10 WR in the league.  They were what…9-7 last year?  I don’t see them doing any better than that this year…especially after losing today to go to 0-2.

2.  The Lions are still terrible and it looks like Stafford has the injury bug.  He’s hurt yet again and they have to use their backup quarterback who couldn’t cut it in San Francisco.  Oh, and I don’t know what everyone was so upset about last week…by rule Johnson cleraly did not catch that ball in the endzone.

3.  The Texans looked great in a win over the Colts…something they’ve had trouble doing over the years.  Arian Foster had a monster game, but we’ll see what he can do this week.

4.  The Packers played poorly and still came out with a win on the road.  Yes, it wasn’t pretty by any means and Rodgers was the first to point out how poorly he played.  But, bottom line is they won on the road and Clay Matthews is emerging is a monster at linebacker.  With some other teams injuries who knows…maybe they can trade their former first round pick and #5 overall pick AJ Hawk and get something for hm.

5.  The Saints looked awesome on two drives, but other than that they weren’t that impressive.  We’ll see what they got this weekend on the road against a fired up 49er team.

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Well...of course Arleen isn't my real name, but it doesn't matter. I am a 33 year old working in the IT industry for the largest IT firm out there. My background includes primarily UNIX, Tivoli, and SANs. I have degrees in mathematics and applied mathematics from Gustavus Adolphus College and Iowa State University respectively. Curious to see what this blogging environment has to offer and what I may offer it. Let's go. This blog will just be an on-line environment for anything: music, books, rants, sports, politics, news, you name it. Looking forward to it.
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